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Make Noise René 2018

Make Noise's Rene 2018 is not just an update of their classic Cartesian sequencer: it extends its predecessor into three dimensions, adding myriad new features and integrating critical feedback from users to create perhaps the most innovative sequencer in Eurorack format. Offering three CV outputs, three Gate outputs, and simultaneous access to Snake and Cartesian patterns, Rene 2018 is a warmly welcome addition to the modular realm.

Aside from added support for multiple separate CV and Gate outputs, perhaps the most notable addition to this version of Rene is the module's capacity to store global settings in 64 states. The Z Axis controls allow for automated state switching, with dedicated Z-CV and ZMOD inputs for continuously scanning and stepping through states, respectively. Also worth noting: Rene can communicate with Tempi via the Select Bus to allow selection and storage of states (with additional support for state editing).

But wow, that must be a lot to keep track of—how can one tell what is happening once a complex state is created (or when modulating between states)? Do not fret: color-coded LEDs in each knob always display pattern activity, and back-lit color-coded touch pads always display information about current programming, making it easy to tell what is being edited, and what is being played. And to many users' delight, Make Noise has spent time and effort intentionally re-working their touch-sensing technology—so no more worries about dry fingers!

The original Rene is notable for its easy extension into huge amounts of melodic variation from minimal CV or gate input; Rene 2018 promises to expand on its predecessor's strengths and bring it into the current day by expanding its potential as a modulation sequencer, quantizer, and all-around central source of patch control.

René 2018 Features

  • 3 CV outputs and 3 Gate outputs for complex sonic control and timing generation
  • Simultaneous access to Snake and Cartesian patterns!
  • Global state storage and recall, with 64 accessible states
  • Z-Axis controls provide modulation access to all 64 states
  • Communicates with Tempi via Select Bus for state recall and other editing functions
  • All programming can be done in real time!
  • Tri-color LED knobs for displaying pattern activity
  • Tri-color backlit touchplates for displaying programming options
  • Improved touch response, tested on many types of fingers and many types of power supplies
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 34hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 235mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Make Noise Shared System With René 2
The new René sequencer from Make Noise is a three channel CV and gate sequencer with interesting snake and cartesian movement modes. In this video we use a Black and Gold Shared System with a Tempi added into the case. The René can now change presets on the Tempi, so your sequencer can control your clocking.
Ataraxic Iteritas With Basimilus & Manis Sequenced By René 2
The Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas is an oscillator based on the first Noise Engineering module, the Ataraxic Translatron. The Ataraxic Iteritas goes from beefy mellow bass sounds to metallic and screeching. The drums in this video were made with the Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Manis Iteritas, we used the new Make Noise René to sequence the three synth voices.
Getting Started with René
This video shows how to create and store a two-channel sequence on René. It also briefly demonstrates channel and page navigation, and the basic function of most of the Program Pages. More detail on all these topics will be found in upcoming videos.
Make Noise Rene 2018 3D Cartesian Sequencer Reviews