Make NoiseLxD Dual Low Pass Gate


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Make Noise LxD

LxD, from Make Noise, is a dual Low Pass Gate with no knobs. It is a compact 4HP module that can easily fill a small gap in one's synth. Each channel has its own filter slope, with Ch. 1 being a -12dB filter slope, and Ch. 2 being a -6dB slope. They are both vactrol Low Pass Gates, which means they contain the classic Make Noise Strike input. If the output of Ch. 1 is not used, it is normalized to the second channel. CV inputs allow envelopes or LFOs to open and close the filter, and if paired with a Maths, the polarizers can be used as the cutoff controls. 

LxD Features

  • Two Low Pass Gates, a combination of a low pass filter and VCA
  • Different filter slopes for timbral variety
  • Different resonance amounts for both channels. Ch 1 is mildly resonant, and ch 2 is non-resonant
  • Compact size!
  • Normalled together for a quick filter->VCA combo
Product Demo Videos
Elektron Analog Four MKII With A Tiny Modular Synth
This video shows how an Elektron Analog Four MKII can be used with a eurorack modular synthesizer. The Analog Four can output 4 CV signals for triggering and controlling sounds from the modular and the modular can be plugged into the Analog Four to be mixed with the other voices and be run through the effects. The Analog Four is triggering a Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter, WMD Chimera and Make Noise synth made with STO, Function and LxD.

Analog Four MKII available here:
Make Noise LxD Dual Low Pass Gate Reviews