Low-Gain ElectronicsCVP-1 Control Voltage Processor


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Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1

Think of the CVP-1, from Low Gain Electronics, as a dual aux send module for both audio and CV. Users can patch a single signal into the input for routing to three outputs, with optional inverted or normal scaling. Additionally, the module’s third outputs can be mixed in two ways, and its inputs are normalized to +5V; together, these features enable it to be used as an attenuator, active splitter, mixer, and polarizer. The polarizers are 100% true, meaning there is no signal when the knobs are set to the middle position. The CVP-1 is a compact utility module suitable for a variety of applications, including complex routing and signal mixing, within Eurorack modular synthesizer systems.

CVP-1 Features

  • Dual Aux Send for special rerouting of Control Voltage and Audio FX sends.
  • Individual polarizer attenuverters for each of the three inputs.
  • Sum and OR outputs for mixed or subtracted signal combinations.
  • +5v Output if no signal is plugged into the input.
  • One input splits to three outputs for complex routing.
  • 8 HP
  • Standard +12v/-12v Eurorack Power
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