LMNTLNylon Washers - M3

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LMNTL M3 Nylon Washers

Keep your panels free from rack rash with LMNTL's M3 nylon washers. Meant to keep your modules' panels protected from the mars that come from direct contact with panel mounting screws, these are a great way to keep your modules looking as fresh as the day you first unboxed them.

These washers are meant for use with M3 screws—the type that ship with most Eurorack modules. These will work great with Doepfer, Intellijel, 4MS, or most other cases that use fixed nut strips for mounting modules. If your case uses sliding nuts for mounting modules, odds are that you'll want to check out these washers instead.

M3 Nylon Washers Features

  • Washers for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Keeps your modules' faceplates protected from metal screws
  • Meant for use with standard M3 screws
  • Meant for use with M3 screws
LMNTL Nylon Washers - M3 Reviews