LMNTLEurorack Modular Screws - M3

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LMNTL M3 Eurorack Modular Screws

Need to replace some screws on your Eurorack modular synth? Looking to swap out your modules' factory faceplate screws for a more uniform aesthetic? Look no further—LMNTL provides a wide range of options for Eurorack module panel screws, with multiple lengths and colors available.

M3 screws are the "Eurorack standard" screw type, typically meant for use with cases that use a fixed nut strip for mounting modules. If you're looking for screws for use with Doepfer, Intellijel, 4Ms, etc., then these screws are right for you. If your case uses sliding nuts for mounting modules (Make Noise, Pulp Logic, etc.), then you should check out these screws instead.

"Short" screws are 6mm long; this is the length of screw typically included with new Eurorack modules. "Medium" screws are 8mm long, and are often a better choice if you're mounting your modules with washers to prevent rack rash. "Long" screws are 10mm long, great for use with modules with thicker-than-usual faceplates (like Bastl's wood-paneled modules).

M3 Eurorack Modular Screws Features

  • Screws for Eurorack modular synthesizer panels
  • M3 screws for use with cases with fixed nut mounting strips
  • Great for use with Doepfer, Intellijel, 4MS, and other brand cases
  • Several lengths available for use with washers or thicker-than-usual module faceplates
  • Black screws available in Short and Medium lengths
  • Silver screws available in Short, Medium, and Long lengths
  • Screws for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • M3 diameter
  • Short (6mm), Medium (8mm), and Long (10mm) lengths available
  • Black or silver finishes available
LMNTL Eurorack Modular Screws - M3 Reviews