KorgCM300 Clip-On Contact Mic


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Korg CM300

The Korg CM-300 is a clip-on contact mic designed specifically for use with tuners. It attaches directly to your acoustic instrument with the clip and the piezo element picks up the vibrations. It allows for high-precision tuning even in loud environments such as a large ensemble. The clip opens to 30mm allowing it to be attached to everything from violins to guitars and the bells of brass instruments.

CM300 Features

  • Clip-on contact mic
  • Designed for use with tuners
  • Maximum clip width 30mm/1.2"
  • Redesigned cable is flexible and durable
  • 1.5m/5' cable length
  • 6.3mm/1/4" mono plug
  • Cable length:1.5m/5'
  • 35g/1.23oz
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