Koma Elektronik Kommander CV / Gate Motion Controller

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Koma Elektronik Kommander

The Koma Elektronik Kommander generates CV and Gate signals generated by the proximity of the user’s hand to an infrared X-Y motion sensor. The sensor analyses the distance between itself and an external surface in order to produce a CV signal somewhere within the range of 0 to 8 volts. The closer the surface, the higher the voltage. Using a bunch of Harvestman modules with unipolar CV inputs? Not a problem. The Kommander features attenuators on its reverse side that scale the possible output voltage to 5V. For those worried that using the device on stage or in sunlight will cause malfunctions or detriments to its performance, think again! This powerful little box features an innovative circuit design that allows it to perform optimally under any lighting condition.

Kommander Features

  • 2 IR sensors with optical crosstalk
  • 4 mini jack outputs (one CV and one gate socket per sensor)
  • Sensing range trimmer on the back
  • 0 - 8V CV output, can be set to e.g. 0-3V or 0-5V
  • Strong die cast aluminium box with great black metal design
  • 2 IR sensors with optical crosstalk
  • 4 mini jack outputs (2 x Gate / 2 x CV (one of each per sensor)
  • 4 Sensing range trimmers on the back
  • Between 0 – 8V CV output (but you can f.i. set the output to 0 – 3V or 0 – 5V as well)
  • 9V DC input
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