Koma ElektronikField Kit Sensor Pack B


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Koma Elektronik Field Kit Sensor Pack B

KOMA's Field Kit Sensor Pack B provides even more options for turning their Electroacoustic Workstation into an expressive and playable instrument. Sensor Pack B includes a Capacitive Touch Sensor, Accelerometer, and Sequential Voltage Source.

The Capacitive Touch Sensor provides multiple touch plates so that external objects can be used as analog or digital control signal sources. The Accelerometer provides several means of detecting movement and position, including the spectacularly-named Motorcycle Mode. The Sequential Voltage Source can produce sequences, stepped random voltages, and Euclidean trigger sequences, making it a spectacular source of analog and digital control.

KOMA's Field Kit Sensor Pack B is yet another excellent means of turning the Field Kit into an even more flexible tool for sonic experimentation.

Field Kit Sensor Pack B Features

  • Sensor pack for KOMA Field Kit
  • Accelerometer for pitch and roll detection (turn your field kit upside down!), with multiple modes of operation
  • Capacitive touch sensor for dynamic performance data
  • Sequential voltage source for stepped random, step sequencing, and Euclidean trigger sequencing
  • Sensor pack for KOMA Field Kit
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