Koma ElektronikField Kit Sensor Pack A


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Koma Elektronik Field Kit Sensor Pack A

KOMA's Field Kit Sensor Pack A adds tons of easy options for expanding their modern cult classic Electroacoustic Workstation, turning it into an even more customizable platform for expressive audio experimentation. Field Kit Sensor Pack A includes the Button & Jack, Light Sensor, Electret Microphone, Ball Switch, and Temperature Sensor.

The Button & Jack offer an dedicated pushbutton and CV input. The Light Sensor offers variable-sensitivity ambient light detection. The Electret Microphone allows easy integration of environmental audio as an audio or control source. The ball switch is a crude tilt sensor, and the temperature sensor allows for customizable detection of the current environmental temperature. All of these sensors are suitable for use with the Field Kit's Analog input, and all but the Electret Microphone can be used as a Digital trigger input as well.

Allowing easy translation of environmental factors into catalysts for musical change, this Sensor Pack is a welcome expansion of the already spectacularly ear-opening Field Kit.

Field Kit Sensor Pack A Features

  • Sensor pack for KOMA Field Kit
  • Button & Jack utility/CV input
  • Electret Microphone for audio detection experimentation
  • Light sensor for musically creeping in the dark (bring your own flashlight or matchbook)
  • Temperature sensor for jamming in all weather
  • Ball switch: a poor man's tilt sensor
  • Sensor pack for KOMA Field Kit
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