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KentonPro 2000 MKII Multi CH MIDI to CV


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Kenton Pro 2000 MKII

The Kenton Pro 2000 MKII converts MIDI data to CV in order to control all types of monosynth. The unit features MIDI IN/OUT/THRU sockets, as well as a DIN Sync 24 socket. There’s also a clock output with three selectable modes, and two independent CV outputs (switchable between V/Oct, Hz/V, and 1.2V/Oct scaling).

Two unique features of the Pro 2000 are its six programmable aux outputs and two independent LFOs (also programmable). Each of the auxiliary outputs is controllable via any MIDI controller, on whichever MIDI channel the user desires. Each LFO contains nine waveshapes, including random, can be routed to modulate the pitch or aux outputs, and synchronized with the internal clock.

Pro 2000 mkII Features

  • Designed to control all types of mono-synth
  • Super-fast response time
  • Famous Kenton build quality
  • Rugged steel case
  • Rack ears included
  • Main CV outputs have high specification 16 bit D/A converters for rock-steady pitches; auxiliary outputs have 12 bit D/A converters
  • Clock output with selectable 1 to 12 cpqn plus 24 and 48 cpqn modes
  • Any MIDI channel can be selected for any output
  • Two COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT main CV outputs (this means ALL settings for synth outputs A & B)
  • Main CV outputs A & B are independently switchable for V/oct & Hz/V & 1.2V/oct scaling systems
  • Transpose (coarse tune) - up & down 12 semitones
  • Adjustable pitchbend range +/- 12 semitones
  • Programmable Gate V-trig (up to 15v) or S-trig (with or without pull-up)
  • Multiple and single trigger modes
  • Note priority selection - newest / lowest / highest
  • Old notes are remembered to facilitate trill effects and increase playability
  • Portamento on main CV outputs
  • Auto Portamento mode selectable on main CVs (where legato playing turns on Portamento)
  • Two different types of Portamento are selectable (fixed rate / fixed time)
  • 6 Programmable Auxilary outputs controllable by any MIDI controller on any MIDI channel
  • 2 Programmable and independent LFOs - each with 9 wave shapes including random
  • LFO can modulate pitch &/or AUX outputs
  • Separate Controllers for LFO to CV and LFO to AUXes
  • LFOs can be synchronised to MIDI clock

Power cord included, all other leads are sold separately

    • Power:  115V AC 50/60Hz
    • Dimensions:  280 x 132 x 42mm
    • Weight:  2.5Kg
    • MIDI:  In, Out, Thru
    • Outputs:  CV on 3.5mm jack (V/oct or Hz/V) -- Gate on 3.5mm jack (Gate or S-trig) -- Aux on 3.5mm jack
    • 15pin High Density D or 8 pin Mini DIN (w/ optional expansion port)
    • Options:  DCB port with cable, KADI/WASP port with cable
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