JHS PedalsColour Box V2 Recording Console Pedal


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JHS Pedals Colour Box V2 Recording Console Pedal

Combining the elements from a classic mixing console, Colour Box V2 from JHS Pedals is a combination of EQ and preamp capable of a massive range of tones. It is broken into two sections, Gain and EQ. Master alters the overall volume of the signal. Pre-vol controls the gain between the two internal gain stages and can be used to add additional grit and distortion. Step control selects the preamp gain amount, from 18dB, 23dB, +28dB, +33dB, and finally +39dB. This acts like the stepped gain control on a studio preamp. Select the amount of headroom with the Hi/Lo switch. Lo is perfect for clean and precise tones, while Hi adds distortion and overdrive.

The EQing section controls the treble, middle, and bass frequencies of your audio. The primary EQ knobs either boost or cut selected frequencies within the range.Treble and bass both boost/cut +/-15dB, while middle features +/-10dB. The shift controls set the frequency of the boost/cut. Treble has a range of 2kHz–30kHz, Middle 150Hz-2.4kHz, and bass 20Hz–440Hz, with a slight overlap on each band's upper ranges. Add a high pass filter with the hipass switch, a 6dB/oct 2nd order high pass filter with a range of 160Hz–650Hz.

The Colour Box v2 features a combination XLR/TS jack with a switch between inst/XLR and a -20dB pad when used in XLR mode. Great as a DI box, effects pedal, or as part of your mastering setup, the Colour Box v2 is the perfect addition to any studio.

Colour Box V2 Features

  • Console preamp and EQ in a guitar pedal package
  • Three-band EQ with boost/cut for each band and adjustable EQ frequency
  • Master volume control
  • Pre-vol adds gain and distortion
  • Stepped preamp increments from +18dB to +39dB
  • Hi/Lo switch changes headroom from clean to overdriven fuzz
  • 2nd order 6dB/oct high pass filter with a range of 160Hz–650Hz
  • Combination XLR/TRS input
  • XLR and 1/4" output
  • -20dB pad in XLR mode
  • Overlapping EQ bands in upper reaches of settings
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.75 x 1.85"/144 x 95 x 47mm
  • Power Specs: Runs on 9V DC center negative, consumes 193mA
  • Note: do not run on anything greater than 9V
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Product Demo Videos
The Colour Box Is Back, Colour Box V2
SHAMELESS PLUG: Today we're showing you the Colour Box V2! We're super excited about this update to one of our favorite pedals and we use it on every track of a song that Nick wrote. Pretty sweet! In the comments tell me what you think about the Colour Box V2, Beck's album Colors and all of Beck's albums!
JHS Pedals Colour Box V2 Recording Console Pedal Reviews