JAM PedalsDouble Dreamer Overdrive Pedal


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JAM Pedals Double Dreamer Overdrive Pedal

The JAM Pedals Doubledreamer merges two powerful overdrive units into a single pedal, using the legendary Lucydreamer and Tubedreamer to craft all manner of overdrive tones. The Lucydreamer is an overdrive with extended bass response and a continuous Dry/Wet mix dial, while the Tubedreamer brings a new approach to the classic TS808-style overdrive sound.

This is more than just two pedals in a box. JAM has included a clever routing (accessed via an internal switch system) for the Doubledreamer to function just the same as two individual pedals. For instance, by using the routing dip-switches, you can use a Y-Cable to split the signal and send each side of the pedal to a different amp or somewhere else in your pedal chain. Each pedal also features a high-gain boost option which can be selected via a toggle switch, bringing each into a different tier of saturation. You can use each pedal on its own, max it out with both engaged, or even add the high-gain boost to just one or both pedals at the same time.

A versatile package of overdrive goodness in one pedalboard space-friendly package? Overdrive dreams are made of these.

Double Dreamer Features

  • JAM Pedals Lucydreamer and Tubedreamer in one pedal housing
  • Extensive routing options using a Y-Cable to send each pedal to different amps or effects
  • High gain boost assignable to each pedal or both
  • Six stages of gain staging available in real time
  • Plenty of overdrive options
  • Wet/Dry controls for Lucydreamer
  • Internal routing dip switches
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.9 x 2"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative PSU (not included)
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