Intellijel DesignsUSB Extender 1U / 3U


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Intellijel Designs USB Extender

Intellijel's USB Extender for the Metropolix gives you front panel access to the micro USB port on the back, easily opening your world to expanded MIDI options. Firmware version 1.4 allows the Metropolix to work as a MIDI sequencer and this expander—which comes with both a 1U and 3U faceplate—is the best way to connect to your computer. Using the included 60cm (~23in) right-angled USB cable, simply connect one end to the expander and the other to the Metropolix for simple access. The 1U only contains the mini USB port and the 3U adds a passive mult. Harness the power of your Metropolix with the expander.

USB Extender Features

  • Expander for use with the Metropolix using v1.4 firmware
  • 1U and 3U faceplates included
  • Micro USB port
  • 3U Faceplate includes passive multiple
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Intellijel Designs USB Extender 1U / 3U Reviews