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Intellijel DesignsPolaris Multimode VCF + Phaser


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Intellijel Polaris

For those looking to add a operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) with unmatched versatility to their Eurorack modular setup, meet Intellijel’s newest filter: the Polaris.

Polaris is an uncompromisingly versatile 4-stage filter in just 10HP. Inspired by the Dr. Octature and Atlantis filters, the Polaris contains both a completely redesigned interior and superior resonance control. It also features dedicated LP, HP, and BP outputs, as well as a proficient MULTI output that features 27 different filter modes.

One the one hand, Polaris can be used with its drive at a very low setting, which results in some seriously creamy filtering. On the other, the drive can be cranked and users can use the asymmetric distortion circuit to achieve a fiercer sound. Additionally, Polaris sports an AP phaser mode than can be used in conjunction with the module’s FM capabilities to produce a phaser effect.

Polaris Features

  • Dedicated LP, BP and HP outputs
  • MULTI output with 27 selectable filter types: 4 x LP, 5x BP, 4 x HP, 5 x Notch, 4x AP and 4 x Phaser (AP mode with inverted dry blend)
  • Input drive control with soft clipping distortion
  • MULTI output asymmetric distortion
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Current Draw: 60mA@+12V, 56mA@-12V
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Product Demo Videos
Intellijel System featuring Polaris
For this patch, two Dixie II+'s were mixed together using the Quadratt 1U, with Saw, Square, Zigzag, and Sub outputs. The mix of this is then fed into the Polaris filter/phaser. This is then fed into the Quad VCA, with the volume controlled by Envelope 2 of the Dual ADSR. The Planar is then used to control the cutoff of the filter, as well as the resonance amount. The final output is fed through the Digiverb 1U, and the Line Out 1U.
Intellijel Polaris
In this video we explore all the different filter modes of the intellijel Polaris multimode filter. What you hear is the raw sound of the filter without any additional effects or processing. The audio source is a Dixie II+ VCO.
Intellijel Designs Polaris Multimode VCF + Phaser Reviews