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Intellijel Designs MIDI 1U

Intellijel's MIDI 1U is the hotly-anticipated replacement for the uMIDI 1U, providing a compact and super-accurate solution for MIDI to CV conversion. Designed for their proprietary 1U format, this MIDI module is a spectacular way to add MIDI–CV capability to your Palette or 7U Intellijel case, connecting directly to the integrated MIDI jacks. Of course, if you're using a third party case, there's no need to fret—you can always use the 1U MIDI Jacks module to bring this powerful tool into your system.

MIDI 1U includes dedicated outputs for per-note data such as a 1V/Oct pitch CV, velocity CV, note gate, and note trigger. Additionally, a mod output and assignable CC output allow you to create continuous CV modulations from incoming MIDI data. Last but not least, the MIDI 1U also features a clock output with integrated divider as well as a reset output, making it a breeze to synchronize your Eurorack system's sequencers and CV generators to MIDI clock from your computer, drum machines, and more.

Intellijel's CVx module now offers the ability to add eight additional configurable outputs to your MIDI 1U module—and you can chain up to four CVx modules to a single MIDI 1U for extended MIDI-CV conversion setups. Featuring a highly-accurate 16-bit DAC and the potential for future expansion, the MIDI 1U packs an enormous amount of power into a tiny space, making Intellijel cases' 1U real estate a more potent bargain than ever before.

MIDI 1U Features

  • 1U MIDI–CV converter intended for use with Intellijel cases
  • Adds MIDI functionality to your Palette or 7U case
  • Replacement for Intellijel's original uMIDI 1U
  • 16-bit DAC for ultra-high data resolution
  • Dedicated outputs for note pitch CV, velocity CV, gate, and trigger
  • Additional mod and assignable CC output
  • Clock output with divider option & reset output
  • Compact, powerful MIDI conversion that integrates right into your case
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 34mA @ +12V, 2mA @ -12V
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