Intellijel DesignsMetropolis Complex Multi-Stage Sequencer


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Intellijel Designs Metropolis

Inspired by the Ryk M-185, the Intellijel Metropolis brings a similar workflow to the realm of Eurorack modular synthesis, albeit with some adaptive optimization.�

The Metropolis consists of eight stages, each with an assignable gate mode, pitch, and pulse count. Additionally, slide and skip settings can be applied to each stage. Where most sequencers use a constant rate portamento, the Slide parameter provides a constant time portamento that is vaguely reminiscent of the Roland TB303.�

Sliders and switches aside, the Metropolis affords access to a wealth of control settings and auxiliary manipulations that govern the entire sequence. These include step direction, pitch and scale quantization, clock division, and shuffle. All of these features and more make the Metropolis one of the most intuitive and versatile sequencers in all of Eurorack.

Metropolis Features

  • Sequencer modes: Forward, Forward-fixed, Reverse, Reverse-fixed, PingPong, PingPong-Fixed, Random, Random-fixed, Brownian, Brownian-fixed
  • TB-303 style slide (constant time portamento) with adjustable time
  • Stage skipping (double click slide buttons)
  • Internal quantizing in any key and a choice of 30 different scales
  • Can act as a master clock with a tap tempo BPM control or it can be slaved to an external clock (with a BPM detector)
  • SAVE/LOAD panel settings to EEPROM
  • Shuffle
  • Internal clock divider with odd/even/all modes and can also be used to sync stage changes
  • Sync output (sets output pulse on the first or last clock step of a sequence, used to slave other sequencers via reset)
  • Two assignable AUX inputs which can control: gate length, transpose, key shift, root shift, sequence length, step divisor and octave offset.
  • Config menu to set slider pitch range, clock div type, sync type and reset type
  • All menu actions are one level deep. i.e. press the menu button and spin the encoder. There are no hidden levels or sub menus (except for the CONFIG menu)
  • All the core original RYK m185 functions are there.
  • User replaceable firmware chip
  • Link header on back to connect to other select Intellijel modules
  • Current firmware v. 1.04
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 34 HP
  • Depth: 45 mm
  • Current Draw: 195mA @ +12V, 8mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Metropolis Sequencing Atlantis Synth Voice
This patch uses all Intellijel Modules with a Metropolis sequencing an Atlantis full voice. The Atlantis then runs into a Polaris filter in phaser mode and then to a 1U Digiverb for effects. A 1U Noise Random Tools provides extra S&H modulation to the Metropolis and Polaris. The system is housed in an intellijel 4U aluminum case.

The Metropolis is a unique and powerful musical sequencer inspired by the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer.) but with many additional enhancements and functions.
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