Instruoneóni Through-Zero Oscillator


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Instruo neóni

Instruo's neóni is a classic-style analog oscillator with some unique features that stretch beyond the typical scope, including the fantastic capability for through-zero FM. This outstanding trait is what makes neóni stand out from all the other Instruo oscillators, allowing for a wide array of FM sounds that stay in tune across sequences! Unlike most oscillators which would stall out at 0Hz, through-zero FM instead inverts the polarity of its waveform until it returns to a positive voltage past 0 Hz. Additionally, the FM input functions with both AC & DC coupled signals, making it perfect for both audio and control rate modulation.

neóni provides individual waveform outputs for square, saw, triangle, and sine, plus a Final output based on a nonlinear wavefolder. Some other neat features from neóni include directional hard sync, precision soft sync, and split sawtooth morphing—all enabling the creation of heavily complex waveforms. For creating gnarly tones or intricate LFOs, Instruo's neóni is a great way to incorporate the wonderful world of through-zero FM into your modular system.

neóni Features

  • Through-Zero Oscillator
  • Linear TZ & traditional FM with AC & DC coupled functionality
  • Internal modulation routing
  • Square, saw, triangle, sine, and final output
  • Split sawtooth morphing
  • Soft and directional hard sync
  • Coarse and fine tuning, including LFO mode
  • Nonlinear wavefolding
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 90mA @ -12V
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