InstruoLubadh V2.0 Expansion


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Note: the V2.0 Expansion is not required to update your Lubadh's firmware, but if you'd like the new USB expander or a hassle-free way to update your module, this is a great solution!

Instruo Lubadh V2.0 Expansion

Easily upgrade your Lubadh to the latest groundbreaking version 2.0 firmware with the Lubadh Expansion Pack from Instruo. In addition to an SD card that is pre-flashed with the latest firmware, you also get a USB drive that contains factory samples and presets. One of the biggest upgrades with the new firmware is the addition of presets that allows you to save and upload your own reels. Everything gets saved and uploaded to the USB drive and since you will be using this frequently, the Expansion Pack gives you a 2hp USB port expander.

With the Firmware v2.0 you also get 1v/oct tracking for the Speed CV input, external clocking, varispeed recording, and of course the aforementioned savable presets. A whole new audio engine has been rewritten from the ground up that should take care of a few artifacts that were present when jumping speeds and will make the module even better than it already was. You can opt to upgrade your Lubadh yourself, but this is faster, easier, and you get this handy USB port for your rack.

Lubadh V2.0 Expansion Features

  • Firmware update pack for Lubadh
  • Includes flashed SD card, USB drive with 12 folder of 12 samples, and 2hp USB expander
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 60mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Product Demo Videos
Instruō - Lubadh V2.0 Firmware Overview
The Lúbadh V2.0 firmware update is here!
With a brand new software audio engine rewritten from the ground up, this new firmware upgrades the module's existing capabilities and adds so much more.
True tape varispeed recording introduces the power of many iconic tape composition and manipulation techniques without the faff of razor blades and the actual tape! All with the benefit of control voltage.
Take control over playback with new external clocking capabilities and 1V/octave tracking.

• 10 minutes of recording time per loop
• Dual recording, looping, and overdubbing capabilities
• One-shot play and one-shot record modes
• External clocking
• Varispeed recording
• Multiple playheads
• 1V/Oct tracking
• Feedback functionality
• Capacitive front panel for flange and stall effects
• 10 factory presets and user configurable preset capabilities
• Includes 2 HP passive CV expansion module & 8GB USB flash drive
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