InstruoLubadh Tape Emulator / Looper


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Instruo Lubadh

The Instruo Lúbadh is a two-channel digital emulation of a tape machine that provides a musique concrète-style of sample/digital tape manipulation. Each reel can record six minutes of 24-bit audio at 96kHz quality and can be linked for stereo recording and playback.

There are controls for speed, length, and start point. The virtual tape heads at the top of the module around the speed control indicate speed, length, and position with LEDs. The playback speed goes from stopped up to four-times the original speed, either forward or reversed. The tape heads also feature a capacitive touch plate which can be used to stall the playhead or add warble effects. Another LED indicates if you are stopped, or at the original speed, either forward or reverse. The length and start point define the overall length of the sample.

The Lúbadh also includes a clock output which is determined by the speed and length of the playback. The clock output includes a clock divider that goes from divide by 1 up to 12, then 24, 32, and 64th divisions of the master clock. The Lúbadh also includes an aux input that can crossfade between being panned left or right. It also includes an aux output that can crossfade the output of either channel. The output of each channel is normalized to the opposite input, which allows for complex overdubbing and rearranging of sounds. The input has a preamp that is modeled after analogue tape inputs and features soft compression, as well as an asymmetrical diode overdrive and filtering. The Lúbadh can also run in one-shot or looping modes and can act as a delay effect.

The module also includes a 2hp expander for CV control over all parameters.

Lubadh Features

  • Two-channel Eurorack looper
  • Digital emulation of a tape machine
  • Six minutes of recording and playback at 24-bit/96kHz
  • Clock output with divisions
  • The channels can be linked for stereo recording and playback
  • AUX input and output with crossfaders
  • Speed goes from stopped to four times the speed either forward or reverse
  • LED indication of speed, length, and direction
  • Includes 2hp expander
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 39mm
  • Current draw: 250mA @ +12v, 100mA @ -12v
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