HypersynthHcard-701 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Yamaha DX7


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Hypersynth Hcard-701 MkII

With the Hcard-701 MkII by Hypersynth, you'll never have to worry about running out of preset space on your Yamaha DX7 ever again. Back in the day, if you wanted to expand beyond the 32 internal voice presets on the DX7, you'd need an external cartridge to add 32 more presets. But with enough sounds, you'll quickly realize that lugging around a box of cartridges isn't the most elegant solution—not to mention to reliance on internal batteries.

Thankfully, Hypersynth have harnessed the power of modern technology to create Hcard-701, effectively combining a whopping 400 of those cards into a single unit, and without needing a battery! Bank navigation is handled through a numerical LCD display and up/down buttons, and for convenience all factory banks are included, plus 16 curated soundbanks that have been shared over the years. As for the incredible number of remaining banks, they're loaded with default patches and may be overwritten with your own custom sounds. The MkII version also features robust metal construction, and the striking gold finish informs everyone of your exquisite collection of DX7 sounds.

Consolidate all your favorite DX7 patches—and then some—into one place with the Hcard-701 MkII.

Hcard-701 MkII Features

  • Expands DX7 memory from 32 presets to 12800
  • Includes 8 factory banks and 16 curated user banks
  • Abundance of empty banks available for your own sounds!
  • No internal battery—power drawn from synth
  • No battery required—power drawn from synth
  • CNC metal casing with anodized finish
Hypersynth Hcard-701 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Yamaha DX7 Reviews