Holocene ElectronicsNon-Linear Memory Machine


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Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine

The Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine is an audio buffer manipulator designed for exploring experimental delays, pseudo-phaser, and resonator effects. The buffer has a three-position switch that chooses the buffer time: you can choose between 20ms–350ms, 320ms–1.6s, and 1.45s–15s time ranges. Any audio buffer can be frozen...and when that happens, the Time control becomes a Scrub control which lets you move through the audio buffer. And with the Smear control, you can add a little bit of jitter to the playhead.

A dedicated Pitch knob will shift your audio up to one octave up or down and snaps to perfect fifths, but still gives you access to all the other intervals in between. Dry/Wet and Feedback knobs work as you would expect. All of these controls are voltage-controllable as well...so add in some modulation and turn time into a playground for unearthing peculiar sonic effects.

Holocene Electronics makes its debut to the world of Eurorack with a wonderfully handy delay/time manipulator that can double as an infinite sustain, comb filter, audio buffer looper, and much more.

Non-Linear Memory Machine Features

  • Delay module with infinite sustain/freeze
  • Three audio buffer ranges: 20ms–350ms, 320ms–1.6s, and 1.45s–15s
  • Freeze
  • Time knob also Scrubs through frozen buffer
  • Smear adds jitter to the Time and Scrub
  • Pitch goes +/- 1 Octave
  • Dry/Wet control
  • Feedback control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
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