Hikari InstrumentsEucrhythm Euclidean Sequencer


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Hikari Instruments Eucrhythm

The Hikari Eucrhythm is a Euclidean sequencer that is capable of weaving webs and layers of rhythm into a complex tapestry of modular madness. The Eucrythm generates its rhythms off of four separate knobs and four separate sliders.

The knob labeled "Steps" sets the length of your sequence, while the knob labeled "Pulses" controls the number of triggers that the module produces within each cycle of steps. This means that when the knob is set to fully counter-clockwise: all of the steps in your sequence produce triggers. When the knob is positioned at twelve o'clock only half of the steps will produce triggers.

This sequence/step method is further augmented by two sliders, providing control of gate pulse width and gate delay values. This allows you to divide a normal 16th pulse clock into a variety of rhythms both conventional and bizarre.

Not only does the module have two independent gate outputs, but it also has And and Or logic functions as well. This allows for a limited third and fourth sequence derived from the settings of the two primary channels.

Eucrhythm Features

  • Euclidean pulse sequencer with intuitive controls
  • Steps controls the amount of steps in your sequence
  • Pulses controls the number of steps on which triggers are produced
  • Pulsewidth controls the length of the produced gates
  • Gate Delay sets the timing of your sequence
  • Logic functions for OR and AND of each sequence gives two extra psuedo sequences
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 3mA @ -12V
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