Golden Age ProjectEQ-81 MKIII 4-Band Equalizer


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Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKIII

Inspired by the warm, sweet, and musical characteristics of the 1081 module, the EQ-81 MKIII from Golden Age Project is a Class-AB equalizer circuit designed to bring that same sound to your own studio. Four stepped frequency controls give you a range from 33Hz to 15kHz using Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, and Treble knobs, each with +/- 18dB of gain. The Bass and Treble controls are switchable between shelving and bell curves, while the Mid bands are bell-type with a switchable Hi-Q setting. The EQ-81 MKIII can be used either as a standalone unit, or as an insert combined with the PRE-73 and tucked into the UNITE for easy, 19" rack mounting.

EQ-81 MKIII Features

  • Vintage style electronics with no integrated circuit when Insert connector is used
  • 4-band with inductor based mid frequency bands
  • Stepped frequency selection from 33Hz to 15kHz across 4 bands
  • Each band has an on/off mode
  • Control range up to +/- 18dB
  • Tantalum capacitors in the EQ path
  • Can be used standalone or as an insert
  • TRS jack for the Insert mode with nominal working level around -18dBu
  • Selectable ground lift jumper
  • Power: AC 24v PSU Included
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