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Golden Age ProjectEQ-73 Premier 3-Band Equalizer


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Golden Age Project EQ-73 Premier

Golden Age Project's EQ-73 Premier is a wonderful, class-A circuitry take on the classic Neve 1073 module's EQ section, with a few modifications for fantastic sound and performance. Much like the original, the EQ-73 Premier offers a three-band EQ with variable frequency positions and gain, all of which are designed around vintage-style electronics to get as close as possible to the original sound profile. The low and high bands are shelving style while the middle band is a bell type, and the two lower bands offer +/-15dB while the high shelf extends to +/-18dB. Only using integrated circuits on the input and output sections, the EQ-73 Premier utilizes quality components like tantalum and polystyrene capacitors for achieving warm and punchy characteristics across a wide frequency range of 20Hz-24kHz.

Some modifications include the subtraction of the high pass filter found on the original 1073 module—however, the bonuses outway the loss. The high shelf offers variable ranges from 8-24kHz, the mid band adds a 160Hz and 240Hz notch via the dual inductor setup, and each band has an independent bypass switch for a more tailored experience for sculpting your sound's character. You can route your EQ-73 Premier can be setup in a standard signal path or be used as an insert effect via the TRS INSERT point on the rear—this is great for pairing with the Golden Age Project Pre-73 Premier for the ultimate 1073 experience.

Add EQ-73 Premier from Golden Age Project to your signal chain for some vintage flair that'll bring out all the sweetness of your sound.

EQ-73 Premier Features

  • Neve 1073-style equalizer
  • Vintage-style electronics with exclusion of integrated circuits via the main signal path
  • Three bands with bypass switches per band
  • Shapeable frequencies range from 20Hz to 24kHz, +/-18dB
  • Dual Carnhill inductors in the mid frequency band
  • TRS INSERT input for use with a preamp or channel
  • IC input and output in LINE IN mode with TRS and XLR options
  • Burr Brown OPA 2602 IC for balanced output
  • Selectable ground lift jumper
  • External AC 24V power supply included
  • INSERT mode's nominal level is around -18dB
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