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Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal

Gamechanger Audio's Light Pedal is a spring reverb that integrates infra-red optical sensors in order to take full advantage of the range of timbral and harmonic characteristics of a real spring reverb. Much of what you think of as the spring reverb sound is the intrinsic resonant frequencies of the spring's physical structure—transferring an audio signal into a spring dissipates much of that original signal into mechanical energy. The Light Pedal uses optical sensors, carefully lined up along the spring's length, which detect minuscule changes in the spring's movement. This takes full advantage of the range of sounds and timbres made possible by the reverberation process. Not only that, but it opens up new realms of possibilities in terms of what effects are possible using a spring reverb, including optical harmonic shimmer, optical reverb modulation, and optical reverb tremolo.

Control the level of the spring tank, optical sensors, and the dry signal going into the pedal. Adjust the amount of signal passing into the reverb tank using the drive control. The pedal will begin to distort the incoming signal at the highest settings, which you may want or not. Sculpt the pedal harmonics using the tone control to accentuate or filter the harshness of the pedal. The envelope adjusts the reverb dynamics from sudden gated reverb to wide open and full sounding reverb. Select between six effects types using the rotary control; optics, sweep, trem, reflect, feedback, and harmonic. The dedicated ctrl knob controls a relevant parameter in each effects mode, from the optical sensor's position to modulation LFO speed to feedback amount and spectral range. Use the latch switch to turn the Light Pedal into a momentary effect, with the bypass switch only letting sound through if pressed down. A built-in shock sensor turns off the audio signal when it detects mechanical impact with three sensitivity levels. Turning it off lets you rattle and bang on the pedal to get the thunderous sound of a moving spring reverb.

Like many of the other GameChanger Audio's products, the Light Pedal represents a new paradigm in effects. The unique implementation of a radical new idea is what they're all about, and they deliver with this pedal.

LIGHT Pedal Features

  • Optical spring reverb
  • Revolutionary new technology never before seen
  • Uses optical sensors placed near a spring to pick up movement
  • Real spring reverb
  • Six effects types each with a single primary control
  • Drive control that distorts at max settings
  • Momentary or latching footswitch
  • Control the level of the dry signal, spring reverb signal, and the optical sensor modes
  • Shock sensor with three levels of sensitivity
  • Assignable expression pedal input
  • Tone filter
  • Envelope control from gated to ducking reverb
  • Reverb tails switch
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 4.1 x 7.5"/40 x 104 x 190mm
  • Power Specs: 500mA @ 9V DC power supply (not included)
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Product Demo Videos
Turning Reverbs into HARSH Instruments with Feedback
Manipulating feedback loops is one of the most interesting ways to explore sound, and reverb is one of the most evocative effects for placing sounds in space. Thus, curious minds are certainly wondering: what happens when you use reverb effects with feedback techniques?

In this video, Jacob gives a rundown of some of his favorite ways to use reverb pedals in feedback loops, and allowing the effect to become an instrument in itself. Touching on topics like no-input mixing, adding Eurorack modules to the mix, and strange convolution, this video aims to serve as a springboard for trying out reverbs of all kinds in ways you might not expect.

Specifically, we highlight these tricks with the Red Panda Context, the Strymon Night Sky, the Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal, and the Poly Effects Beebo, but we encourage you to try these patches with any and all reverbs you might have hanging around the studio. After all, this video is all about experimentation, and these ideas are meant to be explored, expanded upon, and inviting you to embark on new sonic journeys.
Making of the LIGHT PEDAL - Interview with Engineer Teodors Kerimovs | Gamechanger Audio
The LIGHT Pedal is the world's first Optical Spring Reverb System - based on Teo's original, groundbreaking concept of using optical pick-ups in order to harvest the full spectral range of a spring reverb tank's movements.

Back in 2018 we had the pleasure to meet a young, brilliant and musically gifted 1st year electronics student by the name of Teodors Kerimovs.
Teo had applied to GCA's first ever summer internship position and as soon as we met him we realized we're dealing with an extraordinary person.
His uplifting personality, deep passion for audio electronics, combined with immense musical talent - there was no choice but to hire him on the spot.

Over the last two-and-a-half years Teo has demonstrated nothing but excellence, continuous growth and an exemplary work ethic.

Under close daily supervision of the whole GCA Engineering team, Teo was able to bring the final product to life after 18 months of hard, meticulous and oftentimes frustrating work.

The LIGHT Pedal was made possible by our amazing supporters, who showed their trust in Teo's concept by raising over 270 thousand dollars in a stunning pre-order campaign back in February 2020. These 750+ loyal fans have waited for almost a year to receive their LIGHT Pedals - all personalized and hand-signed by Teo.

We would like to sincerely thank all of you and those watching this video for supporting Gamechanger Audio and believing in innovation in the field of music-electronics.
Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal Optical Spring Reverb Reviews