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Frap Tools 321

The 321, from Frap Tools, provides some of the most indispensable utilities in all of Eurorack. The module features three identical sections, each with the ability to scale signals from 0 up to 2 times, flip their phase, and apply DC offset. With nothing patched into the inputs, this offset feature behaves as a CV source. From there, the three sections are summed together into two separate summing stages, with the top right jack emitting the sum of the three sections and the left summing the unconnected sections.

Since 321 is DC-coupled, it is capable of handling both audio and CV; and for particularly hot signals, the module sports two 6dB attenuators capable of reducing the incoming signals by up to fifty percent!

321 Features

  • Three separate sections with two independent summing phases
  • DC offset capabilities that can also behave as a CV source when nothing is patched in
  • DC-coupled; works well with both audio and CV signals
  • Two 6dB attenuators that can reduce incoming signals by 50%.
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6HP Width
  • Current Draw: 48mA@+12v; 48mA@-12v
  • Depth: 38mm
Product Demo Videos
321 - Scale + Flip + Shift + Combine - Overview
Overview of the 321 Scale + Flip + Shift + Combine module: it includes the most useful functions needed in any patch, to edit and combine the signals in use, both audio and control voltages.
Frap Tools 321 Scale + Flip + Shift + Combine Reviews