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Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 4th Gen

Suited for those needing to track a handful of instruments at once or explore the world of outboard gear processing, Focusrite's Scarlett 4i4 4th Gen features studio-grade sound and unmatched affordability in one portable USB audio interface. Countless musicians and content creators alike have made use of Scarlett interfaces to bring their recording projects to life, whether it's a demo, fully-produced record, podcast, or live stream. And thanks to the improved performance and reduced noise of the 4th Gen Scarlett, your audio will sound better than ever before.

With its compact size, you might not believe that the Scarlett 4i4 actually has four inputs and four output channels—but it's true! Two front panel inputs with combination XLR-1/4" inputs allow you to capture any microphone or instrument with clarity thanks to the 4th Gen Scarlett preamps. If you're stressed about setting levels properly, don't worry—not only do both gain controls feature Dynamic Gain Halo LED rings around them for metering but the new Auto Gain and Clip Safe options can prevent your recording sessions from taking an unexpected turn for the worse. Additionally, two more line inputs are available around back for tracking synths, drum machines, or other line-level sources.

The Scarlett 4i4 provides two pairs of line outputs, allowing you to explore alternative monitoring paths or external effects processing. In any case, the 4th Gen Scarlett adds utility by offering separate level controls for both the main outputs and the front panel headphones, meaning that you can easily monitor yourself with comfort out loud or right in your ears.

When you unbox the Scarlett 4i4, it's ready to go as soon as you plug it in. But once you do, it's worth scoping out the incredible assortment of software curated by Focusrite for every Scarlett interface. Indeed, between licenses for Ableton Live Lite and Avid Pro Tools Artist, along with a whole suite of software in the Focusrite Hitmaker Expansion, you'll have a stellar head start on your software plugin collection or a healthy addition to your existing catalog. With the Scarlett 4i4 4th Gen, you'll gain a dependable, robust, and, most importantly, great-sounding audio interface without breaking the bank.

Scarlett 4i4 4th Gen Features

  • Portable 4-in, 4-out USB-C audio interface
  • Suitable for recording all sorts of instruments: voice, piano, guitar, synths, and more
  • Dual 1/4" balanced line/Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • Dual XLR microphone inputs with 48V phantom power and Air preamp circuitry
  • Dynamic Gain Halos encircling gain and output controls for clear metering
  • Auto Gain and Clip Safe modes handle setting levels for you
  • Separate level controls for main monitors and headphones
  • Rear 1/4" balanced outputs for connecting studio monitors
  • Front panel 1/4" headphone output
  • Clean digital converters supporting 24-bit, 192kHz recording
  • Audio loopback support
  • MIDI In and Out
  • USB-C bus powered
  • Focusrite Control 2 for setting up the interface to your session needs
  • Software bundle includes Ableton Live Lite, 3-month subscription to Avid Pro Tools Artist, and Focusrite's Hitmaker Expansion
  • 3-month Splice Sounds subscription
  • Hitmaker Expansion software:
    • Antares Auto-Tune Access
    • Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555
    • Native Instruments MASSIVE
    • Landr Studio (with 5 free masters)
    • Brainworx Bx_console Focusrite SC
    • Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plugin Suite
    • XLN audio Addictive Keys
    • Relab's LX480 Essentials
    • FAST Balancer
  • USB-C to A cable included
  • Compatible with iPad
  • 3-year Focusrite Warranty
  • Audio inputs: 2x balanced XLR-1/4" combo jacks, 2x balanced 1/4"
  • Audio outputs: 4x 1/4" balanced, 1x 1/4" headphones
  • MIDI: 5-Pin DIN In, 5-Pin DIN Out
  • Dimensions: 2.32" x 7.09" x 5.08"
  • Weight: 1.78 lbs
  • Power: USB bus power
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