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The FMR Audio RNC is renowned for providing high-quality compression at a competitive price-point. The unit is a compact stereo compressor with a high-fidelity audio path, two operation modes, and a powerful compression scheme.

The RNC’s first mode configures the unit for special effects like snappy snares or thick basses. The second provides nearly-transparent signal compression geared towards vocals, acoustic guitar, or any other instrument where artifacts are unwanted. All of this is perpetrated with transparent compression and colossal gain reduction—two factors that have made the unit an industry staple for nearly 20 years.

Rather than discrete sidechain parts, the RNC opts for a microprocessor; this enables it to achive high performance while reducing the overall cost. Best of all, the RNC still processes the primary audio in an analog environment—no digital conversion necessary!

While the primary audio is processesed in an exclusively-analog domain, none of it passes through the front panel controls. Here, the implementation of a microprocessor is crucial as it eliminates problems caused by scratchy pots. The front panel switches send DC voltages to the microprocessor, effectively negating noise pickup and audio quality reduction. Simply put, the RNC gives users the best of both analog and digital domains!

RNC Features

  • Stereo Compressor in 1/3 rack size
  • Accurate & repeatable 5-parameter controls
  • "Normal" mode for serious signal squashing. Very fast attack times allow positive control of percussive sources.
  • "Super Nice" mode for near invisible compression. This mode cascades three stereo compressors in series to reduce compression artifacts
  • Single TRS cable attachment to many "insert" jacks
  • 1/4" TRS side chain insert for special effects
  • 1/3 Rack Dynamics Processor
  • No audio flows through the front-panel controls, permitting hort audio runs to avoid hum/noise pickup
  • Rack-mountable
  • Rugged extruded aluminum electro-galvanized steel enclosure
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