FaderfoxMX12 USB MIDI Mixer Controller


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Faderfox MX12

The MX12 from Faderfox is the flagship controller from their new module series, making itself comfortable as the ringleader of any setup. The MX12 provides a set of features that offers itself wonderfully to precisely control software or digital audio workstations, as well as hardware synthesizers and other gear that uses the MIDI standard. The MX12 packs 12 60mm faders, 24 buttons, and 24 potentiometers, all fully assignable from within the device, and with important performance considerations built in!

All the faders and potentiometers have a switchable snap function and data feedback to avoid any jumps in value, as well as the ability to send snapshots of presets or momentary settings to all the pots, buttons and faders. The MIDI learn functionality that Faderfox developed for quickly assigning settings is optimized in the MX12 with the assistance of a four segment screen for visual feedback. Settings can be grouped and hot-swapped on the fly for even more control and customization, and up to 30 groups can be saved and stored on board the MX12.

Built in the same enclosure as Elektron’s MK I devices, the PC12 is a perfect companion for the RYTM, Octatrack, and Analog 4, the MX12 even comes preloaded with custom scripts to provide control over almost every parameter. The enclosure being identical to Elektron’s means that any bags, cases, or accessories or stands will immediately fit the MX12.

MX12 Features

  • Universal MIDI controller for hardware or software devices
  • Pre-installed control scripts for Ableton Live 8/9, Elektron Analog 4, RYTM, and Octatrack
  • All faders, potentiometers, and buttons are fully assignable with customizable ranges
  • Link functionality to expand with other Faderfox models
  • USB MIDI class compliant device
  • Quick Assign function learns incoming MIDI commands for easy setup
  • Memory backup/restore via MIDI SysEx
  • iPad compatible (with camera connection kit)
  • Same enclosure size as Elektron first gen units
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Dimensions:13.4” x 6.9” x 2.9”
  • Weight: 2.86 lb
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