Expert SleepersCicely Octave Fuzz


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Expert Sleepers Cicely

While it's not an effect you'd typically associate with modular synthesis, the Expert Sleepers Cicely is a Eurorack adaptation of the classic octave fuzz effect. Originally designed by Roger Mayer and popularized by Jimi Hendrix, this type of fuzz is characterized by the ringing upper octave on top of the input signal. Of course, for simpler tones such as guitar or bass this works as intended, but for the variety of complex signals existing within Eurorack modules, Cicely can create a wide variety of interesting distortion and shaping effects.

Cicely takes the classic octave fuzz and optimizes it for Eurorack usage, while adding voltage control to key aspects of the circuit. The primary controls are: Gain—the amount of distortion, Centre—a new asymmetrical clipping section, and Mix—the dry/wet blend of input and affected signals. CV inputs allow you to control these settings with external voltages, and both Gain and Centre feature attenuators to dial back modulation to subtlety. As a bonus, you get two inputs for summing signals together before the octave fuzz, plus dual envelope follower outputs for modulating Cicely itself or other modules. Add a modern spin on a classic effect to your rack with Cicely by Expert Sleepers.

Cicely Features

  • 100% analog Eurorack adaptation of Roger Mayer's octave fuzz circuit
  • Controls for Gain, Gain attenuation, Centre, Centre attenuation, and dry/wet Mix
  • Gain sets amount of fuzz
  • Centre applies asymmetrical clipping
  • Positive and Inverted envelope follower outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 37mm
  • Current draw: 51mA @ +12V, 43mA @ -12V
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