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Erogenous Tones Structure

The Erogenous Tones Structure is a video synthesis module based on Open GL and GLSL node-based programming. The Structure's inputs are selectable between two formats: classic composite video and LZX 1V RGB. This makes Structure a great companion for any LZX modules that you may have kicking around.

The Structure accepts incoming video and can mix it with effects, other types of generators, and effected audio. Structure's two outputs are selectable between both NTSC and PAL, so it can work with most CRT televisions or other NTSC equipment.

Each input of the module has a scalable input between one and five volts, allowing you to finely customize the module closer to your needs and your Eurorack system. The Structure also hosts a joystick on its front panel that can be used to modulate controls or record automation that is then looped. Structure also provides three gate inputs, each of whice are triggerable through local buttons as well. The module also offers macro knobs on the top right for configurable parameter changes.

Additionally, Structure features a USB input that unlocks MIDI hosting capabilities. You can assign further commands on your MIDI controller and integrate it with Structure to deepen your workflow with the module. The module also saves presets, custom shaders, and much more via two SD card inputs, one on the back and one on the front. This module is perfect for the musician or video artist who has been waiting to bust out their custom shaders and creations in the context of a modular synthesizer!

Structure Features

  • Based on Open GL and GLSL node-based programming
  • Selectable formatting for both input and output
  • Compatible with composite video input as well as LZX 1V RGB
  • Selectable between NTSC and PAL
  • USB Hosting
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 38hp
  • Depth: 48mm
  • Current draw: 440mA @ +12V, 30 mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Erogenous Tones Structure Eurorack Video Synthesizer
Erogenous Tones Structure module is a complete video synthesizer in one module. It generates full scenes that can be controlled with CV or sound as well as the built in joystick. If you get tired of a scene the randomize button always produces something interesting.

The Structure is compatible with LZX modules and uses open GL and GLSL programming to create its visuals, so you can program it yourself.
Erogenous Tones Structure Visual Generator Reviews