Erica SynthsBlack Polivoks VCF V2 Filter


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Erica Synths Black Polivoks VCF v2

The Black series VCF v2 is a high-end voltage controlled filter which is one of the leading emulations of the iconic Formanta Radio Factory Polivoks available on the market today. Twist the big cutoff knob for precision filtering control and intricate design. Right below is a toggle that switches between lowpass and bandpass filtering. The VCF v2 features 4-knobs for: in level, resonance and the level for CV1 and CV2. Adjust the resonance knob for incredible sounding sweeps and self-oscillation. On the bottom is the patch for audio signals, CV1 and CV2 inputs and the VCA output. With extended cutoff and independently buffered inputs, the VCF v2 is perfect for studio work and live performance.

Black Polivoks VCF v2 Features

  • New features were added to the V2 version: smaller width, smoother attenuation and much more bass-heavy sound
  • Switchable BP/LP modes
  • Inputs/outputs are protected against over-voltage
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply
  • Input level: up to 20Vptp
  • CV input level: -10V - +10V
  • Filter modes: BP(6dB/oct)/LP(12dB/oct)
  • Power consumption: +11mA, -11mA
  • Module width: 10HP
  • Module depth: 25mm
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