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The Shuttle System from is a comprehensive eurorack synthesizer voice comprised of 5 of their most acclaimed modules. It includes Shuttle Control, Grand Terminal, Gateway, Furthrrr Generator, and Cockpit.

Shuttle Control is a superb MIDI-to-CV converter. Grand Terminal is a tripartite filter bank, function generator, and FX processor. Gateway is a dual unity mixer and polarizer for quick voltage inversion, scaling, and offsetting. Furthrrrr is a dual oscillator with a triangle core and an integrated waveshaper. Cockpit is a 4-channel stereo mixer with some seriously snazzy sidechaining capabilities. Together, these modules form a powerful modular synthesizer system that can be configured and reconfigured for a variety of endeavors.

Shuttle System Features

  • Comprised of 5 modules
  • Shuttle Control - MIDI/USB-to-CV
  • Grand Terminal - Filterbank, Function Generators, FX Processor
  • Gateway - Dual Unity Mixer, Scaler, Polarizer, Offset
  • Cockpit - 4-Channel Stereo Mixer with sidechaining capabilities
  • Furthrrrr Generator - Dual Oscillator with Waveshaping
    • Width: 84hp
    • Depth: 45mm
    • Enclosure: Housed in Frap Tools case
    • Power: Includes PSU
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Product Demo Videos Shuttle System Eurorack Synth
The Shuttle System is a solid 84hp eurorack panel which includes a powerful usb midi to cv converter, dual oscillator, two function generators with filter/gates as well as a mixer and FX. In the first part of this video two voices are made with the Shuttle System which are sequenced with the Digitakt. The Electron Digitakt also makes the drum sounds. In the second part of the video a Korg NanoKontrol2 sends midi CC messages through the Shuttle to control parameters of the synthesizer. Shuttle System Reviews