Endorphin.esStrong Zero VCO Core Chip for Furthrrrr Generator


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Endorphin.es Strong VCO Core Chip

The Endorphin.es Strong-Zero VCO Core greatly expands the Furthrrrr Generator’s frequency modulation capabilities, granting instantaneous thru-zero FM and allowing for the generation of entirely new sounds.

Note: requires Furthrrrr Generator module (not included).

Strong VCO Core Chip Features

  • Instant thru-zero linear FM for Furthrrrr Generator
  • 16-pin DIP IC chip
  • Band-limited 12 bit resolution 80 kHz sample rate output
  • Pair with Terminal to create 2-operator FM-synth
  • 16 bit pitch CV and linear FM acquisition for microtuning and modulation operations
  • Requires Furthrrrr Generator
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