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Electro-FaustusEF109 Drone Thing Drone Synthesizer


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Electro-Faustus EF109

The E109 Drone Thing, from Electro-Faustus, is a powerful drone pedal that boasts a total of six polyphonic oscillators, each with corresponding front panel pitch control knobs. The oscillator on the far left enjoys a frequency range that extends much lower than the other five, enabling it to be used as an LFO for the creation of unique rhythmic patterns that can interact with the other oscillators in strange and beautiful ways.

Each of the Drone Thing’s oscillators can be individually activated/deactivated by configuring them in the utmost Up or Down position, respectively. Other controls include Tone and Power Starve. The Tone control manipulates the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter. It cuts all the high frequencies when turned completely counter-clockwise, resulting in a warbly basslike tone. Conversely, when turned clockwise, the Tone control promotes a brighter sound with ample harmonics. On the other hand, the Power Starve performs just as one would expect, by chocking the overall amount of power traveling to the IC chip. When turned counter-clockwise, only a minuscule amount of power will reach the chip.

EF109 Features

  • Six free-running oscillators with independent pitch control knobs.
  • Each oscillator has independent on/off switch. 
  • Integrated Low Pass Filter. 
  • Power Starve function for timbral waveshaping and distortion. 
  • Standard 9V Pedal Power (Boss Style)
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