DreadboxErebus Desktop Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer (2022 Reissue)


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Dreadbox Erebus

Faithfully reproduced from the original version 1, the new Erebus from Dreadbox is the same analog synth with a few extra improvements, better portability, and the option to be racked taking up 42hp. Powered by USB, the new version is sleek and portable with 18 patch points for interacting with other Eurorack gear. Two VCOs with the option to work paraphonically give you great expressive control and a new Hard Sync function will keep your voices in check. Both VCOs have two waveforms and independent glide controls. A 2-pole low pass filter and OTA VCA help give your sound a unique characteristic. Two filters and a triangle LFO ensure that your modulation game is on point, with an improved AR amp envelope. Dreadbox gets back to their roots with the new-old Erebus desktop/semi-modular synth.

Erebus Features

  • Faithfully reproduced version 1 Erebus
  • Paraphonic 2 VCO setup with 2 waveforms each
  • Independent glide control
  • Improved AR amp envelope
  • 2-Pole low pass filter
  • Built-in lofi delay
  • Mount in Eurorack case taking up just 42hp
  • 18 Patch points
  • Power: USB
  • Racked Size: 42hp
  • Patch Points: 3.5mm
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Dreadbox Erebus Desktop Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer (2022 Reissue) Reviews