Doepfer Dark Link MIDI and USB to CV GATE Interface

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Doepfer Dark Link

Doepfer’s Dark Link interface is the perfect tool for using USB or MIDI to control monophonic synthesizers. The unit is essentially the USB/MIDI interface of Doepfer’s Dark Energy Synthesizer. It features four CV outputs (labeled CV 1-4) and a single gate output. 

Dark Link Features

  • MIDI channel, reference note for CV 1 (this is the MIDI note corresponding to 0V of CV 1 and thus the lowest possible note of the analog synthesizer connected to Dark Link) and the controller number for CV 4 are adjusted via learn function. For this the learn button must be pressed and the required MIDI messages sent from the MIDI controlling device (MIDI synthesizer, keyboard, sequencer, etc)
  • The other parameters (retrigger, trigger polarity, assign mode, etc) are also adjusted in learn mode via program-change messages
  • Dark Link is nothing but the interface of Dark Energy
  • USB Input
  • MIDI Input
  • Learn Button
  • Gate Output (With LED for Gate display and learn function)
  • CV 1: controlled by Midi note messages, 1V/Octave, 0 to +5V
  • CV 2: controlled by Midi pitch bend, ~ -2.5V to +2.5V or ~ 0V to +5V (can be selected by an internal jumper)
  • CV 3: controlled by Midi velocity, 0 to +5V
  • CV 4: controlled by Midi control change messages, free assignable controller in learn mode
  • Glide control (portamento function for CV 1)
  • CV 1 – CV 4 and Gate are 3.5mm miniature jack sockets
  • Metal case, made of 1 mm steel, black coated with white printing
  • Dimensions: about 145mm length x 35mm height x 60mm depth
  • Outputs: GATE, CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4
  • MIDI Input
  • USB Socket
  • External AC Adapter for Power Supply: 12V AC 200mA
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