Dnipro ModularDot Trigger Sequencer (Black)


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Dnipro Modular Dot

Dot by Dnipro Modular is a small yet powerful three-channel trigger sequencer and pattern generator. It offers dedicated CV inputs and trigger outputs per channel, as well as buttons for manual triggering and recording of steps. There are also global clock and reset inputs affecting all three tracks, allowing for complex retriggering and higher-level sequencing of patterns.

The Dot gives the user two sequencing modes: XOX-style for classic step programming with fine detail, and Euclidean pattern generation for a more hands-off approach to composition. In Euclidean mode, sequences are generated based upon distributing active steps into a set length of steps as equally as possible. Offsets can then be applied to these sequences, allowing for steps to fall on different parts of the beat, and to phase against the other running sequences. On the other hand, XOX-style sequencing allows for rhythmic sequences to be crafted with precision. By either starting from scratch or converting a Euclidean sequence, each step is opened up to the user for activation with the ability to add ratcheting and beat repeats.

Each of the dedicated inputs can be assigned to various parameters per track. Adding voltage control to parameters such as step length, offset, and fill can result in highly dynamic generation and manipulation of patterns. Further, there is an optional META mode, allowing for CV control over pattern selection and ratcheting.

With its combination of deep step programming and pattern generation with straightforward yet powerful control voltage modulation, the Dnipro Dot is a highly versatile trigger sequencer that's sure to be enjoyed by any rhythmically-inclined eurorack synthesist.

Dot Features

  • Three-channel trigger sequencer
  • XOX-style and Euclidean sequencing options
  • Three assignable bipolar CV inputs
  • Real time recording in XOX mode
  • Programmable ratchets
  • Save and load up to 16 patterns
  • Link multiple modules together to share a common clock and reset input
  • Global swing control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 7mA @ -12V
Dnipro Modular Dot Trigger Sequencer (Black) Reviews