DF AudioPatchwork 24-Point Desktop Patch Bay


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DF Audio Patchwork

DF Audio's Patchwork is a compact and elegant solution for interfacing pedals and outboard gear into your pedalboard or studio—complete with 24x 3.5mm patch points and 12x 1/4" TRS insert jacks. Useful for a wide variety of signal routing situations, this could easily find its way into any number of setups, whether you're a guitarist in need of easier patch routing, or a home studio engineer seeking the idea outboard/pedal audio routing solution.

One interesting application could be to simply have a parallel effects setup, with the flexibility of easily re-routing your effects in any order. Another possible application would be to have easy access to your pedals from a reamp output from your recording interface, keeping a dedicated external pedals section ready to go. Simple in concept and only as complex as it needs to be, the Patchwork from DF Audio opens up whole new realms of possibility with just a few cables.

Patchwork Features

  • Desktop patch bay
  • 12x I/O pairs, ideal for use with effect pedals or outboard effects
  • Front-panel patching via 3.5mm patch cables (the same type you'd use with Eurorack modular synthesizers)
  • Rear-panel I/O achieved via 1/4" insert cables: allowing a single jack connection from each processor's input and output
  • Compact design can easily be integrated into desktop or pedalboard setups
  • Compatible with control voltages (CV)
  • Dimensions: 138 x 118 x 40 mm / 5.4 x 4.6 x 1.5 in
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