DF AudioMinibay v2 40-Point Desktop Patchbay


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DF Audio Minibay v2

Have you always wanted a patch bay for your studio but don't want to commit to a 19" rack? DF Audio's Minibay brings 40 points of flexible routing to a sleek desktop form factor. To save on space, the top panel uses 3.5mm jacks—just like Eurorack modules—while the rear consolidates channels into stereo 1/4" jacks that may be split out with insert cables.

As an additional bonus, there are two three-way passive mixers on top as well, offering quick and easy summing in a pinch. If you're trying to route audio between all of your pedals, grooveboxes, synths, and more, DF Audio's Minibay is certainly worth a look.

Minibay v2 Features

  • 40-point desktop patchbay
  • Top panel uses 3.5mm Eurorack-style jacks
  • Rear panel uses 1/4" TRS jacks to consolidate channels and save space
  • Dual three-input passive mixers
  • Compatible with control voltages (CV)
  • Dip switches allow channel normalling to be user-configured—as of v2, these switches are accessible via the front panel
  • Dimensions: 234 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm (not including sockets and feet)
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DF Audio Minibay v2 40-Point Desktop Patchbay Reviews