Der Mann mit der MaschineDroid Moto Kit Motorized Fader Sequencer Set


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Der Mann mit der Maschine Droid Moto Kit

The Droid Moto Kit from Der Mann mit der Maschine is both a well-thought out motorized fader sequencer and a wonderful entrypoint into the Droid ecosystem. Moto Kit is a complete system consisting of five Droid modules: the new MASTER18, P2B8, B32, and two M4 expanders. Additionally, the kit includes two SD cards: one with the standard starting patch for the MASTER18, and the other with the special Motorized Fader Sequencer patch designed for this set of modules. Of course, you also get all of the necessary connection cables in the box, including USB and TRS MIDI adapters. There's also a handful of sticker sheets included for the Motorized Sequencer—multiple copies for if you feel like re-arranging the buttons or controls within the patch. Whether you're looking for a unique sequencer workflow with true recall and haptic feedback, or a highly configurable and modular control system for your Eurorack rig, the Droid Moto Kit has a lot to offer for any performing modular artist.

Droid Moto Kit Features

  • Complete Droid system
  • Includes MASTER18, P2B8 (Moto Kit edition with red button 8), B32 (Moto Kit edition with various LED colors), and 2x M4 controllers
  • Includes all necessary ribbon cables for power and connection, plus an extra 80cm cable to re-locate the MASTER18
  • 2 micro SD cards included: default Droid patch, and Motorized Fader Sequencer
  • Includes cheat sheet and sticker overlays for buttons and controllers
  • 2x 1hp blank panels included
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 49hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: 809mA @ +12V, 7mA @ -12V
Der Mann mit der Maschine Droid Moto Kit Motorized Fader Sequencer Set Reviews