Dangerous MusicMONITOR-SR Expansion for MONITOR-ST Controller


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Dangerous Music MONITOR-SR

Designed to expand the capabilities of the Monitor ST, Dangerous Music's Monitor SR can give you a full surround sound setup along with additional stereo speaker setups. Setup is simple and the DB25 connectors for expanding are included in the box, along with a short CAT5 ethernet cable for getting your existing Monitor ST remote integrated. Everything stays compact thanks to the usage of DB25 connectors, so make sure you have the correct cabling when embarking on this multi speaker journey. Not limited to just one set, you can have up to two separate sets of 5.1 speakers with an additional stereo speaker setup and sub. You can also chain multiple SRs together for 7.1 or 10.2 setups.

As with the Monitor ST, the SR uses audiophile-grade components throughout so you can be sure your sound stays crystal clear. If you have a Dangerous Music Monitor ST and are looking to expand your studio into a 5.1 or larger surround sound setup, the Monitor SR is exactly what you need.


  • Expander for Monitor ST (required for functionality)
  • Adds outputs for 5.1 surround sound systems
  • Audiophile-grade analog stepped-attenuator volume control
  • Save level offsets for different devices
  • Works with ST's remote
  • Dedicated meter output
  • 2x DB25 ribbon cables included for connecting to existing Monitor ST
  • CAT5 Jumper cable included to tether both the ST and SR to the same remote
  • Requires Dangerous Music Monitor ST to work
  • Size: 1U 19" Rackmount unit
  • Inputs: 4x DB25 connectors using 6 channels each 1x Monitor ST DB25 connector
  • Outputs: 3x DB25 Monitor sends, 2 for 5.1 or stereo and 1 only for stereo and sub, 1x DB25 Meter outout, 1x Monitor ST DB25
  • Power supply included
Dangerous Music MONITOR-SR Expansion for MONITOR-ST Controller Reviews