Conductive LabsMRCC XpandR 4x1 MRCC Expander


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Conductive Labs MRCC XpandR 4x1

The MRCC XpandR 4x1 is an expander for the MRCC as well as a compact, standalone MIDI merger and MIDI interface. If the built in MIDI ports aren't enough on the MRCC, simply plug this into one of the USB ports and you get an extra 4 inputs and single output. You can also use this as a simple MIDI interface if you need 5-pin physical ports to connect to you computer or other class compliant device, such as a tablet or phone. TRS-A MIDI ports are also available: one shared input for MIDI port 1 and one as a TRS-A thru that mirrors the 5-pin output. Whether you're hungry for more hardware inputs or you simply want a few dedicated MIDI ports, the MRCC XpandR 4x1 from Conductive Labs is a fantastic choice.

MRCC XpandR 4x1 Features

  • USB Powered 4 in 1 out MIDI interface and expander for MRCC
  • 4x 5-pin DIN MIDI inputs 1x 5-pin DIN MIDI output
  • TRS-A shared input on port 1
  • TRS-A thru port shared with the MIDI output
  • Merge all inputs with a single button
  • Class compliant
  • Power: USB 5VDC, 40mA cable included, power brick is not
  • 5x MIDI 5-pin ports (4 ins 1 out)
  • 2x TRS-A ports (1 in 1 out)
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