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Conductive Labs MRCC

Conductive Labs' MRCC, or MIDI Router Control Center, is a heavily versatile MIDI router that can handle all your sequencing, syncing, and auxiliary MIDI needs. For large studios or performance rigs with a ton of MIDI use-cases, the MRCC has got you covered: with 11 inputs and 17 outputs, spanning from 5-pin DIN, 3.5mm TRS (type A & B), USB host AND USB client, MRCC should be able to connect to any MIDI-capable device you can imagine. And if that wasn't enough options for connectivity, you have an additional 3.5mm TS clock output to sync older gear or even Eurorack gear to all your MIDI equipment. The front panel layout allows you to access each port for easy connections, swapping cables, and seeing exactly what's connected at any given time.

Routing your MIDI channels and signals is as easy as the press of a couple buttons. Each input and output has a button graphically linked to the port, and routing each input to an output takes only a couple clicks. LED lights under the buttons indicate your routing choices, and MRCC can easily merge inputs to outputs by sharing common routings. Take control of the advanced functionality within MRCC via the very brilliant OLED screen with pairing encoder and navigational buttons, offering you access to message filtering, velocity scaling, channel splitting, MIDI monitoring, and much more.

Easily save multiple routings within a single preset with up to 127 saveable presets, and for even more connection and syncing, pair with an additional MRCC via ethernet. With easy expansion and mounting tools to work in 19" racks, the MIDI Router Control Center can be the true center of all your sequenceable gear.

MRCC Features

  • MIDI routing unit
  • Easily route MIDI inputs to outputs with the press of a couple to few buttons
  • Supports 5-pin DIN, TRS, and USB MIDI
  • Color OLED Screen, encoder and navigational buttons for additional routing parameters and advanced tasks such as message filters, velocity scaling, and much more
  • Merge inputs to common outputs automatically
  • Save and load up to 127 presets with up to 50 routes per preset
  • CV Clock output for syncing non MIDI gear such as Eurorack or other hardware synths/grooveboxes
  • Chain two MRCCs via Ethernet cable, or connect MRCC Remote 7 expander for additional connectivity
  • Inputs: 5x 5-pin DIN, 2x 3.5mm A-Type, 2x 3.5mm B-Type
  • Outputs: 10x 5-Pin DIN, 2x 3.5mm A-Type, 2x 3.5mm B-Type
  • USB MIDI I/O: 4x USB host ports, 1x USB client port
  • Supports MIDI standards including MPE
  • OS support: Windows, OSX, and Linux
  • Ethernet connection Power: 5.25V DC, 3A over USB PD type-C connecter
  • 1x RJ45 for optional MRCC Remote 7 (not Ethernet)
  • Clock output: 1x 3.5mm TS jack
  • 28x remote routing buttons
  • Dimensions: 15.5" x 3.5" x 1.9"
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