Conductive LabsMRCC 880 MIDI Router Control Center


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Conductive Labs MRCC 880

Conductive Labs MRCC 880 is a compact version of their popular MRCC shrunk down to a smaller size and USB powered, giving you four 5-pin DIN I/O, MIDI TRS, and plenty of configuration presets. Able to function with or without a computer, the MRCC 880 takes up very little space and with the port routing buttons, it's easy to change up your flow. MIDI channel splitting is also available, letting you spread one MIDI input to all four outputs with their own MIDI channels. When connected to a computer, you have access to 4 virtual inputs and outputs, making the MRCC 880 incredibly powerful when using a hybrid hardware/computer setup. If you need a simple way to connect a few pieces of hardware together or to your computer, the Conductive Labs MRCC 880 is the solution for you.

MRCC 880 Features

  • Compact MIDI router
  • 4x full size MIDI DIN ins and outs
  • 1x MIDI TRS-A input and 1x MIDI TRS-A output
  • 4x virtual MIDI USB ins and outs
  • One button per MIDI port routing
  • 4 Preset save slots
  • Panic button
  • MIDI Channel splitting for sending one input to multiple output channels
  • Automatic MIDI merging
  • Power: USB 5VDC, 80mA powered via computer or USB power brick (not included)
  • Physical MIDI Ports: 8x 5-Pin DIN (4 in 4 out) 2x MIDI TRS-A (1 in 1 out)
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