Bubblesound141 Envelope + LFO + VCA


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Bubblesound 141

The 141 from Bubblesound Instruments is an incredibly useful multi-function module that features an ADSR envelope, LFO, and VCA. The ADSR envelope is inspired by the super snappy, transistor-based Roland SH-101/M-140 envelopes, and features both positive and negative envelope outputs.

The envelope is also fed into the VCA’s velocity section. The velocity section is normalized to +12v and with nothing patched into the velocity input it will mirror the envelope. Patching a cable into the velocity input will disrupt this normalization and allows for external modulation of the VCA’s velocity. The VCA can switch between linear or exponential response.

The LFO has a range of 10 seconds to approximately 200hz and features both triangle and square outputs. It is normalled to the ADSR’s gate input, so with nothing patched into the gate input, the envelope will cycle. With a gate signal patched into the gate input it disconnects this normalization. The LFO can be synced to the incoming gate signal or left free running.

141 Features

  • Envelope, LFO, and VCA
  • Roland-style transistor ADSR with snappy response
  • LFO with square and triangle output
  • VCA can be modulated from internal envelope or external CV
  • VCA response can be either exponential or linear
  • LFO can be synced to the ADSR’s gate input or left free running
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 60mA @ +12v, 50mA @ -12v
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