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BossRE-202 Space Echo Pedal


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Boss RE-202

The Boss RE-202 delivers the classic sound of Roland's RE-201 Space Echo tape delay, providing all the famed features and adding much more. Keeping true to the tone of the Space Echo, the RE-202 uses digital modeling to cram all of the original's sound and soul into a more pedalboard-friendly enclosure. It features knob-per function controls, with all of the parameters found on the original. The original Space Echo based its sound off the warm and expressive nature of tape, and RE-202 keeps faithful to emulating the three tapehead design with twelve unique combinations for a variety of flavors. In fact, it even adds an extra head for additional rhythmic options. It also significantly expands the original's delay time, allowing for a much wider range of spaced-out sounds than ever before.

Coloration of tape was never truly something you could tame, but RE-202 offers flexibility over all the minutiae and inconsistencies that made the Space Echo so entrancing. Determine whether you process the true analog input signal or insert a model of Roland's classic RE-201 preamp, and add the push and pull of tape mechanics and modulation with both the Wow & Flutter and Saturation controls. Further control found in this new compact design includes selectable tape age, a fully independent reverb, and even a selectable reverb mode—be it the original spring or one of four additional types.

Because RE-202 is true stereo in and out with selectable line or guitar input, you can create fantastic spatialization that would've taken two RE-201's to achieve live! Performance with the RE-202 is quite natural and engaging, as the onboard footswitches provide immediate access to effects such as Warp and Twist, providing hands-off controls that take you straight to the depths of gnarly self-oscillation. Further control can take place externally via extra footswitches or an expression pedal to tap tempos or modulate parameters in real time, respectively. With the addition of memory storage and recall and MIDI functionality, the Boss RE-202 is truly a must-have for Space Echo enthusiasts or those looking for that classic saturated and shifty sound of the past.

RE-202 Features

  • Modern stereo tape echo pedal
  • Digital recreation of Roland's classic RE-201 Space Echo
  • Four virtual tape heads with 12 different pre-set combinations to choose from
  • Expanded delay time
  • Saturation control adds magnetic tape compression and preamplification coloration
  • Wow and flutter control to introduce minor to major tape modulation
  • Independent stereo reverb with spring, hall, plate, room, and ambience settings
  • Warp and Twist footswitch controls
  • Includes digital model of original Space Echo preamp (switchable)
  • Four storable onboard presets with 127 total memory locations (accessible via MIDI)
  • MIDI I/O via TRS and mini-USB
  • Expression or external footswitch control
  • Dimensions: 7.56" x 5.23" x 2.05" (W x D x H)
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (included)
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