BASTL InstrumentsNeo Trinity 6-Channel Modulation Hub


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BASTL Instruments Neo Trinity

Enter a new world of gestural control voltage possibilities with the Neo Trinity 6-channel modulation hub from Bastl Instruments. Featuring 6 channels of modulation that can be configured between LFO, Envelope, and CV recorder modes, Neo Trinity is a powerhouse CV generator and processor in just 8 HP. Designed with performance in mind, Neo Trinity is perfect for adding live gestural movements to your patches, or even as the master modulator and sequencer in a compact system.

Each of Neo Trinity's three modes are available on every output, with configurations able to be saved as banks. Adding further performative options, new banks can be loaded at the end of a sequence for playable pattern-chaining. Outputs can be set to bipolar or unipolar, so Neo Trinity is readily compatible with any CV destination.

LFO mode loops simple modulation shapes, and can run freely or be synced to an internal or external clock source. Envelope mode sends rhythmically triggered modulation controlled by your own recorded triggers, either quantized or unquantized. CV mode allows for the recording of knob movements or trigger patterns as sequences, which may be quantized to a number of scales or clock divisions. There is also an algorithmic fill option, which will automatically populate a trigger sequence on a selected output. With six outputs, you're sure to find a set up that makes the most of your available modulation destinations.

While Neo Trinity's modes are fairly straightforward on the surface, deeply complex modulation possibilities emerge when introducing CV to its assignable inputs. Channels E and F have dedicated inputs, while a META IN input allows for controlling some or all channels simultaneously in different ways. Of course, with so many CV outputs, cross-patching Neo Trinity with itself is certain to produce complex, shifting sequences in a tangled dance of feedback with one another.

Describing an exhaustive list of patch possibilities for the Neo Trinity would be an endless exercise. It works as a three-channel performative pitch and gate sequencer, can add flexible rhythmically-relative modulation to textures and pads, creates complex networks of cross-patching and feedback control, or a mix of all and so much more. If you're looking for performative modulation with maximum flexibility, look no further than Neo Trinity from Bastl.

Neo Trinity Features

  • Six channels of configurable, performative modulation and trigger sequencing
  • Three modes: LFO, envelope/envelope generator, and CV/gate recorder
  • Performable mute switch for each channel
  • Each mode features performative, recordable modulation of its parameters
  • Assignable META IN CV input automates some or all channels in different ways
  • Dedicated assignable CV inputs for channels E and F
  • Clock input and output for synchronizing modulation to internal or external clock signals
  • Reset input resets to first step of each sequence
  • Programmable banks with live switching for pattern-chaining playability
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 100 mA @ +12V, 35 mA @ -12V, 0 mA @ +5V
Product Demo Videos
NEO TRINITY - Six Channel Modulation Hub
6 channels of gestural music-making

Neo Trinity is a 6-channel compact modulation hub with great musical complexity achievable with simple gestures. Each of the 6 channels can be either LFO, envelope generator, or a CV knob recorder, while their main parameter can be automated with the REC button.

Each channel also features a recordable trigger generator with an algorithmic fill feature to get the inspiration started or to make things polymetric and keep your patches ever-changing. Use the SHIFT button to change modulation shapes and sync selected or all channels to an internal or external clock.

Neo Trinity has been designed with performance in mind, so it includes channel mutes and allows storing whole presets as banks.

While the core mechanics of the module are very straightforward, the inclusion of assignable CV inputs exponentially increases the complexity of the module’s behavior. Control some or all channels in different ways with the META IN and utilize channels’ E and F dedicated inputs. The inputs can control the main parameter in a positive or inverted way, control the output amplitude, and act as an external trigger or a trigger for the internal Sample & Hold function. The CV knob recorder mode also acts as a quantizer, and when combined with the CV inputs, it turns into a handy voltage processor.
NEO TRINITY - Overview
First video from the series where we will take a deeper look into all of NEO TRINITY's features
Bastl Neo Trinity : Tutorial & Walkthrough
Bastl Instrument's Neo Trinity is a fast, fun, and deep module for generating automation and modulation in creative & meaningful ways! In this video I explore the layout and function of all the modes and some other cool stuff , please use the chapter markers and patch along, and remember to just have fun!
BASTL Instruments Neo Trinity 6-Channel Modulation Hub Reviews