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BASTL Instruments MIDI Looper

Unlike your typical audio looper, the Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper provides a different approach to looping by recording and modifying MIDI note and control data, rather than audio. MIDI-capable sound sources may continue to sonically evolve on top of captured loops of note and CC data, totally unlike the finality found when using a regular audio looper. Capture a chord progression and open up the filter, adjust the envelopes, or even engage your synth's arpeggiator as the loop plays to develop contrast and musical form. And because MIDI data is easily modified, MIDI Looper is capable of transposition, halving or doubling playback speed, velocity adjustments, and more, providing dynamic control over the development of loops.

MIDI Looper supports up to three independent voices, each of which can be individually recorded and modified, and assigned to its own MIDI channel. Loops may be synchronized to external analog or MIDI clock signals, or let MIDI Looper run free on its internal clock. Control MIDI Looper with an external footswitch, or connect your modular synthesizer to the CV and trigger inputs to control reset, retrigger, velocity, and transposition. Pair MIDI Looper with a MIDI-to-CV converter like the Bastl 1983 for continually evolving MIDI loops in a modular environment. Explore a whole new realm of looping with the MIDI Looper from Bastl Instruments.

MIDI Looper Features

  • 3 Channel MIDI Looping Device
  • Record, overdub, and overwrite notes and control change data on each channel independently
  • Modify loops with velocity humanization, transposition, loop length modification, and more
  • CV and trigger inputs control reset, retrigger, velocity, and transposition
  • Foot pedal input
  • Sync to MIDI and analog clock signals
  • USB MIDI capable as of firmware v1.1
  • 1x MIDI Input
  • 2x MIDI Output
  • USB Powered
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BASTL Instruments MIDI Looper MIDI Looping Device Reviews