Audio Gear ObsessionSUMMINGFACILITY Stereo Mixer

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Audio Gear Obsession SUMMINGFACILITY

Achieve beautiful and buttery mixdowns of your Eurorack and line-level gear with Audio Gear Obsession's SUMMINGFACILITY, a six input stereo summing mixer with loads of powerful and quality analog parts. Each mono input can accept either modular or outside line-level gear with an ample +12dB of gain to bring everything up to Eurorack standards, and the shared concentric level makes it easy to balance any levels throughout the mix. Extra balancing can be found in the concentric A/B send control for further processing as well as the bottom panning pots corresponding to the solid left and right outputs. On a performative measure, each channel (including the returns) features mute switches for taking things out of the mix, while the mono channels feature a mute on the auxiliary sends for mix check or other means.

Further mono processing is presented in the form of two effects sends and balanced returns, great for including bus compression, modulation, or time-based effects in the mix. Hard panning the two return tracks and utilizing a single send for stereo processing can produce lovely effects such as mix reverbs, spatialization, or whatever you'd like thanks to the line-level return support. One of the most impressive and useful features about SUMMINGFACILITY is its ground-canceling circuitry tied to the outputs, minimizing rack noise due to power issues for the most pristine and high-quality representation of your mix. Great for driving your mixes into new territories or even just as a solid final mixdown in a performance, SUMMINGFACILITY is perfect for anyone looking for some final glue to tie everything together.


  • Six-channel stereo summing mixer
  • Six balanced mono inputs accepting Eurorack or line-level
  • Channel concentric pots sharing level and gain (up to +12dB)
  • Channel sends to effect loops A and B on one concentric pot
  • Panning pots with mute and auxiliary mute switches per channel
  • Two mono send/return buses with concentric gain and level pot, panning pot, and mute switch
  • Stereo output with individual pots for left and right output and ground-canceling circuitry
  • VU meters per output channel
  • Utilizes 22Vpp headroom as well as modern op-amps
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 38hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 38hp
    • Depth: 32mm
    • Current draw: 225mA @ +12V, 225mA @ -12V
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Audio Gear Obsession SUMMINGFACILITY Stereo Mixer Reviews